The craziest thing happened to me yesterday I deleted 2 years worth of my blog posts accidentally. But how Sway??? I was trying to change my blog from to and through that I messed it all up and ended up here. I was so frustrated with myself like all this hard work I’ve been putting in has been for nothing.

So after being miserable about it and trying to retrieve my previous posts, I just decided to start over.I am scared about a lot of things; i.e. the new people who will visit my blog and never know the journey it’s been to get here, 2 years of work gone just like that. Yes, I am scared but I’m going to keep on moving and start over for the third time (the first one was deleted intentionally). But yes here we are back at square one again. Anytime we start something new there’s always uncertainty involved and I’m just going to use this as a lesson and keep moving. To the people who are already familiar with my blog, thank you so much for your support and to the newbies WELCOME!! and I hope you enjoy the posts.





Photographer- Shantania Beckford

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