For am I now seeking the approval of men,or of God?- Galatians 1:10

For a long time, I’ve looked for approval from everybody else but myself, when my friends/family didn’t outwardly show their support or approve of  whatever I was doing at that time it would really hurt my feelings. What I’ve realised about seeking the approval of friends and family is sometimes you will never get it and that is ok.

I started realising that I should learn to clap for myself;  if I’m happy about what it is I’m doing then thats the most important thing. I’m understanding that no-one is responsible to make me feel good about myself and to also approve or support my endeavours apart from me. As we’re starting a new week I just want to remind you that you are all the things you have been created to be and start approving yourself .


Heels- River Island

Photographer: Shantania Beckford

Thank you for passing by X



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