Over the past couple of months I’ve been overwhelmed; working, being at university, trying to cultivate my creativity and being consistent with it all, has just had me want to curl up in a corner and cry. It honestly felt like the more I was trying to keep everything together the less in control I was. Until I decided I needed to work out some sort of balance that would give me a positive outlook on life. Below are three tips that have helped get somewhat of a balance and hopefully they’ll help you too.


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The first thing I did to get myself together was to prioritise what was important in that moment, so if I  had a report to hand in or an exam to revise for, I had to deal with that first. Being MIA on my social media has not been great for my following, and I plan on improving this.
Time management
We only get 24 hours in a day, so do what you can and don’t worry if you cannot achieve everything in that day because there’s always tomorrow. I recommend setting  aside days in the week for different tasks and also scheduling tweets with apps like buffer.
Social Life
In all of this do not forget your social life, being around loved ones recharges our batteries and helps us be our best selves.

How do you create a balance in your life ?

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