First things first my apologies for being MIA. Life has been really happening for me and a lot of changes have happened over the past month, besides turning 24 something major and life changing happened too, I got ENGAGED!!!! I am looking forward to going through this amazing chapter with my best friend. Between being a new fiancé (I’m still getting used to this fiancé  thing), exams and work I haven’t had any time at all for my blog.

I would love to be superwoman, but I’ve come to the realisation that it’s ok if I can’t do it all. I wrote a post on how to balance it all, and as much as I’ve tried to take my own advice, I’m still a working progress.But I have created a schedule FINALLY (hopefully one that I can stick to) where I can be more consistent for you all. Thank you for being patient with me.



Denim jacket- New Look

Bag-Vintage Store


  1. Samantha | 12th Jul 17

    Wow so impressed by your blog. And yes simple is the best. Congrats on turning 24?And congratulations on getting engaged ??♥️? Wish you all the best. Much love ❤️❤️❤️

    • khappuch8@gmail.com | 12th Jul 17

      Thank you so much x x x

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