Slimlife Tea | Review

Looking for a natural weight loss tea, look no further Slimlife tea is here.

I was super excited to get a chance to review Slimlife tea. When the Slimlife tea brand approached me to review their product, I was a little sceptical  at first. I had tried  other weight loss teas that contained laxatives and the side effects put me off.  As an avid tea drinker the first  thing that drew me to want to try  Slimlifetea was that it didn’t  contain any laxatives and I haven’t experienced any side effects whilst taking this tea.

I’m sure you’re wondering what slim life tea is and what makes it different from the other “weight loss teas” , out there on the market right now. Slimlife tea’s main selling point is that the polyphenol in the tea blocks enzymes from building fat. Which basically means you can lose weight just by drinking Slim Life tea, I don’t believe in a quick fix therefore to get the best results you will still need to exercise and eat healthy meals.

So ladies if you want to reduce bloating, help in your weight loss, and  boost your metabolism by 20% or more I really recommend this tea. When it arrived I loved the packaging but I was expecting teabags, so do not be alarmed by the fact that it’s not in a teabag its loose tea and its recommended that you take it 3 times a day before each meal for the best results.

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