Wait Your Turn

A word of warning this post is going to be a lot of ramblings of how I’ve been feeling over the past couple of months about waiting your turn and understanding God’s time. As I’m growing up I’m learning that life is literally about understanding YOUR time, being patient and trusting God in the process.

In my life I have had moments where I felt like I was behind  e.g. going to uni,driving,etc ; these things happened quite late for me and for a long time I didn’t understand why I had to wait for so long while it was so easy for some people.

Until I started to understand that God does not make mistakes when something is meant for you no matter how long it takes, it will happen. A lot of the times we have a plan and a schedule of how our lives should be, and whilst this is not a bad thing when our plans don’t work out like we planned them to, we can be easily discouraged and start comparing ourselves to others.

For example, 2017 has been the year of weddings and engagements (myself included), and seeing people elevate their relationships is an amazing thing, however if you’re not there yet you might find yourself thinking when is my time going to come.

When it all comes down to it things happen for us and to us at different points in our lives, what social media does sometimes is it  gives us an illusion that we have to everything together at once, the car, the house, don’t forget a bae for those “couple goal” pictures. Forget all that, honestly there is beauty in the struggle, your time will come, and the secret of that is to not to compare yourself, trust in your journey and know that everything you’re doing right now is not in vain it will all work out, thats one of my favourite bible verses Romans 8vs28 ( And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.).

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Thank you for Passing By

KH x


  1. Natasha | 30th Oct 17

    Amen this is so very true in his own time he makes everything beautiful.

    • khappuch8@gmail.com | 30th Oct 17

      Right !!! and its only when we start to understand this that we appreciate our lives.

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