Have you ever had so much going on that you literally forget to just take a deep breath and chill??  If you know me you know I live for a well organised schedule (spreadsheets and all). But lately my life feels like a never ending to do list. If you’re anything like me I try my best to tick off every task set for each day and this is where it usually goes LEFT for me 😩. I know life is all about balance and all that good stuff but I’ve come to realise that, I am an over achiever (just like a lot of you), whilst that is a  great quality to have, don’t you just want to switch your brain off sometimes, I know I do !!!

Although I forget this sometimes, just remember tomorrow is another day, what you didn’t do today you can do tomorrow or the day after.  It’s so important to be kind to yourself because self love starts with YOU, and most importantly don’t forget to CHILL because trust me it can all get overwhelming really fast.








On another note how chilly has the weather been, if this is autumn I dread to think how cold winter is going to be.This is my favourite combination for autumn tight now,  you can never go wrong with a pair of high waisted trousers and a turtle neck.




















Turtle neck- Pretty little thing

Trousers – Miss Selfridge

Heels – Missguided

Glasses- Missguided


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