Bonjourno!! Hi guys I’ve just come back from my 3 day break in Rome, I can’t explain how beautiful and amazing this city is. Below are tips for first timers and a photo diary of what me and my fiancé got up to while we were away.

Stay: Liberty Boutique Hotel

After endless searches we finally found this little gem, I was so impressed by the interior design and the service provided. This hotel was really convenient for all the attractions because the metro was a 5 minute walk from our accommodation and there where multiple restaurants nearby which made life so much easier. When picking accommodation for any trip, reading reviews is so essential and when it comes to Rome, you want to stay as close to the attractions as you can or be close to the metro station.



Before I went to Rome, I already had a list of foods that I knew I wanted to try whilst I was there e.g. the pasta, bruschetta,pizza, etc. So I made sure to try everything and the food did not disappoint, however try and avoid eating near the tourist attractions no matter how many times people try to persuade you to go to their restaurants don’t do it otherwise you’ll be surprised by the hefty bill at the end of your meal like we were. So look in the side streets for other restaurants, you’re in Italy explore and discover new things.


Ahhhh people who live here are so lucky everything is so picturesque, but first things first get yourself a 24 hour ticket which is 7euros per person and this allows you to be able to go and see a lot of the attractions. I would really recommend buying tickets for places like the Vatican city and the Colosseum online and printing them of in advance. This will save you so much time because you don’t wait in the queues and you get through the fast lane. As we were only there for 2 whole days there’s only so much we could see, and the things we didn’t get to see is an excuse to go back lol. We saw the Colosseum,Roman Forum,Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain and the Vatican City. I do recommend a tour guide for the Vatican city, we gained so much knowledge and it helped having an expert to ask questions to. However for the Colosseum, you can get away with just using the audio guides.


As we travelled during the winter month of January, I went overboard with the layering and making sure I was warm. Rome is not as cold as England the days we where there were really sunny and did not feel like winter at all, do pack jackets but don’t over do it. There is a lot of walking involved so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, and make you pack light because you will have to get through airport style security to get into the attractions, so having less things on you will make the whole process easier.

Keep a look out for the Rome vlog next week x x

Grazi x x



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