“Believe in yourself like you believe in God”

As part of the new year new me plan, reading more books is definitely high on the list of my priorities, aside from my podcasts that I adore listening to, there is something about sitting in a quiet room or relaxing in the bath whilst catching up on my favourite book; I’ve decided to introduce the book club into my posts, and this is where we can share what books we are reading at the moment. I’m into motivational books, as you might already know I’m inspired by other people’s stories especially those who’ve had to face a lot of challenges and despite the odds overcame whatever those challenges where. This book definitely delivers in that department.


Let me just tell you when this book arrived I was so surprised by how small it was, and when I opened it the font was medium sized, so already I knew that within 30 minutes to an hour I would have finished reading the book. If you struggle with reading and want to get into it, I think this book is a perfect way to ease you into reading because it’s such an easy read.  It is a very short inspirational book, that encourages everyone to pursue their dreams. I think the best part of the book for me was how real Karen is about life not being smooth sailing all the time in her words it’s a “roller coaster” and in this day and age it’s honestly so refreshing. Plus the affirmations she puts in the book are just perfect for millennials.

5 things I took from the book:

  1. Even on your bad days life is good
  2. Create a grateful/blessings jar
  3. Don’t make permanent decisions over temporary situations
  4. What makes you different is your biggest strength and it begins with identifying what sets you apart
  5. If it does not make you happy you can’t afford it

I am going to try and share a book review at least once a month if not more, or I might do a must read list at then end of each month let me know what you would like to see. What are some of your favourites?

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